What Are They Saying?

Madison Joesph

The Gurus... One of the BEST Satirical Shows of our ERA!”


This might be my favorite YouTube cartoon.... there are many short toons, and more. It cracks me up. I was in bed, last night watching them all. Freakin TALENT HERE! SPREAD THE WORD CARTOON, ANIMATION LOVERS. "ITS WORTH IT “

These are some of our favorite comments about the show, from YouTube.  Fans of GURUS share their thoughts about the production.  

Galaxy Wonders

Gurus Channel, I just want to say I'm a big fan of your videos. I'm curious about why your videos don't have at least hundred thousand views becoz they're awesome?! I love how you put famous people altogether to form a funny story and that's the special thing about it. My favorite character is Buddha.

Keep making videos I enjoy them. :)

The God of North Sentinel Island
ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

Seriously outstanding content! Shared ON Google Plus to all my friends!  Great work and sure to offend many!  :-)

California Secedes From Trump USA: Trump Declares War
Tao Zam

well made :) passed so many messages on different levels

Are We Trapped in Time: The Apple Watch Conspiracy
Bhakti Boiii

On three tabs of good LSD. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Infowhores War on Psychedelics: Has Alex Jones Gone Too Far
Alex T

Subscribed! Thanks! Shall we connect on Facebook? BTW, this was shared by Graham Hancock on Facebook.

Time Machine: Ancient Alien Discovery

adult swim needs to pick this shit up and give you a budget yo.

How Far down the Rabbit Hole can Magic Mushrooms Take you?
Bree View Playlists

lol, your best so far.

Aliens Discovered by Carl Sagan: The UFO Arrival Video
Unmesh L.

Gurus, you guys are ruthless. I love it.

Hillary Clinton Works the Black Vote LIKE A BOSS
lol hi ya

BTW best channel ever lol

Pope Francis and Donald Trump: Christian War of Words

Who else came here from Graham Hancock's Facebook page? LOL

Terence McKenna Gives Donald Trump a DMT Trip
Mind Yours

This whole thing was funny.To the statements changing on Meek shirt. To Drake using 1 of his old song tracks to phone troll Nicki with.

Drake killed Meek Mill's Career: Pushed to the Edge

you guys sure know how to work people's abs!

Donald Trump's Hair Secret: The Wig and the Ugly Truth
Sad ET

Your channel is my favorite.

Bill Cosby speaks on Drug and Rape allegations

Best video I've ever watched while high.

Will the internet Gain Consciousness: A Revolution of the Mind

wow this cartoon is everything ! i hope one day this will be as popular as south park,
Love u guys who are making it!

Stoned Ape Theory: Human Evolution
Michael Appleseed

Wow, GREATEST video eveer dude!

Stoned Ape Theory: Human Evolution
jeff stasi

Thanks... this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen ...amazingly well done folks, I'm overjoyed
that you found me !!!!

Terence McKenna Spikes Ayahuasca in the Brew (Gurus E07)

well done guys. spot on. really new cool refreshing genre here!! boom

Terence McKenna Spikes Ayahuasca in the Brew (Gurus E07)

i cant wait for the next episode! this is amazing :)

Terence McKenna Spikes Ayahuasca in the Brew (Gurus E07)
Da Koola

This would be great on Adult Swim

Malcolm X Destroys the City (Gurus E05)

This is my new favorite show! Fuckkkin thank you!

Malcolm X Destroys the City (Gurus E05)
Arturo hernandez

This needs to be shared and known!!!!

Philosophical Parody: (Gurus) One Hell of a Day E01

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