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The Long wait for Gurus (One Hell of a Day) Episode 1

It has been a long time coming, to present the release of 'Gurus: One Hell of a Day' episode 1 in the Gurus series. This is the episode that started it all, but took a halt before releasing so the series could concentrate building a rapport and foundation.

A parody animation on the world's greatest philosophers working to solve the modern world's problems using metaphysics and philosophy.

Eisen Godfrey takes us for a ride in his world, as he becomes the newest philosopher at the Guru Center. Aware that he is a cartoon character, comes together to join with history’s greatest thinkers. Founded by Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, the Guru Center is a multi-dimensional building that houses history’s greatest thinkers and innovators. With the likes of Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Malcolm X, Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi and Albert Einstein, this core group of Gurus work together to solve the day’s new crisis. The Gurus always seem to be getting into something, especially their own inner circle drama. Will their egos be the cause of their downfall, or will it be the solution?


M Marcel


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