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The Philosophy of Laughter

My first introduction to ‘Gurus’ was late last year. I believe I first started out watching the Jesus ALS Ice Challenge’, which I thought was hilarious, obviously. Actually, Jesus happens to be one of my most favorite of the ‘Gurus’ characters. My personal beliefs aside, I love that Jesus smokes pot, gets drunk, uses profanity, but also touches on the fact that he’s possibly the most misunderstood and misquoted individual in all of history. Whenever people, Christians specifically, pose the question: “What would Jesus do?”--as it relates to certain issues, I believe that they forget that Jesus’ story was not of some docile creation that never let anything ruffle his feather. Hence, Jesus turning over tables in the temple and using a bull whip. I’d call that some G shit for sure. But, I digress. All that to say, Jesus is THAT dude, in my (not so) humble opinion.

Around the time of the Ray Rice domestic violence situation, there was a ‘Gurus’ short that was released of Ray Rice speaking at a press conference and true to the show’s form, it turned a serious situation into something quite laughable. I love that the creators of this show have little to no regard to political correctness. That probably sounds bad, but I do have a bit of an appetite for a certain kind of inappropriate humor. Although, I personally hate buffoonery, I do love the kind of comedy that also provokes thought, introspection, and makes me question the things that I hold in high regard.

I’ve studied many different belief systems and religions and came to the personal conclusion that religion isn’t for me. I still have respect for others and what they choose to subscribe to; I mean, to each his own. I just realize that sometimes people take these things so seriously, that they are unable or even unwilling to find the humor in it. Take Buddha for example. I would have never in a million years considered Buddha to be as cranky and sarcastic as he is in this series. LOL Buddha is another favorite of mine. Don’t mess with Buddha until he’s had coffee and meditation or things WILL get ugly.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of ‘Gurus’ and the spin-offs and I think that anybody that has an open-mind and loves a good joke will appreciate the shift in perspective that ‘Gurus’ has to offer.


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