GURUS, a philosophical parody about history's greatest philosophers joining forces to solve the modern world's most dangerous and ridiculous problems.

'Gurus,’ the Series, follows Eisen Godfrey's adventures as the newest Guru in the Guru Center.

Characters from the show ‘Gurus,’ as well as celebrities, politicians and public figures are presented in short sketches. 

Gurus Spin-Offs are recurring web-series platform, designed to focused on particular Gurus from the show, in their own series based on time honored classics and modern topics.  

The B-Team

Action team fights international crime.

Characters: Buddha, Jesus, Alan Watts & Terence Mckenna



The Oddest Couple

Roommates struggle to coexist in harmony.

Characters: Malcolm X & Thomas Jefferson




Philosophers banter like the stooges.

Characters: Socrates, Plato & Aristotle


Corey & Carter's Time Machine

(Kid's Cartoon​)

Young brothers travel through time.

Characters: Corey & Carter

Scenery - Space Trip_00109.png
SHOW TAG - Halfway to Mars Top.png

Uber Cab Confessions

Buddha drives an Uber.

Characters: Buddha & Others





What Would Jesus Do?

Characters: Jesus

Halfway to Mars (Conscious Cartoon)

An animated series that explores consciousness

Characters: Marc Marcel & Others

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