GURUS the Channel

GURUS is meant to inspire, inform, and provoke thought, but mostly to use humor as a tool to turn our dogma upside down. In short, its a show that makes fun of everyone equally.  GURUS believes Anyone and everyone can be a philosopher.  While the channel tackles serious issues, it is also a satrical take of the world's greatest philosophers, thinkers and innovators. Afterall, they were all human.

GURUS the Series

GURUS is an animated philosophical parody about the world's greatest philosophers and thinkers coming together to form an action team to take on the modern world's most dangerous and ridiculous problems.  


Eisen Godfrey is the newest philosopher at the Guru Center.  As a self-aware cartoon, he joins history’s greatest thinkers as they come together to solve the world’s fiercest challenges.  Founded by Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, the Guru Center is a multi-dimensional building that is believed to be as secret and extraordinary as the Pentagon.  A diverse cast of philosophers such as Alan Watts, Terence Mckenna, Gandhi and Socrates join the unsuspecting personalities of Jerome (Alien), Wilt Chamberlain and Anna Nicole Smith.  Each guru uses his or her philosophical superpower to further the goals of its founders. Their duties might include international diplomacy, disarming nuclear weapons or simply answering patient phone calls.  The Gurus are always on a mission that is inevitably complicated by their own inner circle drama.  Only time will tell if their egos will be the cause of their downfall or the secret to our salvation.

© 2015 by Cosmidelic Productions

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